Celebrating amazing talent & creating lasting moments!

Canada's Premier Dance Competition

Teaching a student dance is a wonderful thing! It Inspires benefits far greater than the steps themselves. The performance when on stage allows for a powerful metaphor to be realized.

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Inspire launched in 2010

our goal is to create memorable moments for performers

Celebrating amazing talent & creating lasting moments!

Why Choose Inspire Dance Challenge ?

Facing fear and dancing with it allows dancers to grow outside of themselves to face greater challenges in life.  These are the future leaders, the 1%  Every performance is therefore a celebration and worthy of our full time and attention.

Exceptional Judges

Our panels are well balanced to always have experts that have experienced creating the work, educating the dancers, practicing the routines and staging the final product. Our judges have a mosaic of skills balancing studio training and teaching, professional work and proven expertise. We do not focus on celebrities’, our people know what they are talking about.

Mindblowing Special Awards

Our special awards are actually amazing and highly coveted. Dancers receive an 8.5×11′ framed photo award – (an action shot taken from that performance with the award superimposed over it) It is presented on stage in the session it is awarded…we highlight the dancers on our massive videowall stage back. They will feel like they are receiving an Academy Award.

Specialty Overalls

Our events always have separate overalls for the key specialty dance styles of: Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Ballet. Our panel always has a balance of expertise including tap, acro and ballet specifically and most judges have also worked in theatre), but “as a piece of mind on an event with hundreds of entries, its nice to know – we’ve got your back!”

Inspire Isn't Like Every Other Competition

Are all competitions the same? …Not really

If you haven’t been to Inspire before, you’re in for a great time! We highlight not just the top scoring performers, but also the creative, the artist, the empathic and the engaging! Our events look for opportunities to see dancers shining and celebrating it with them! Here is a bit of what you can expect:

We Adjudicate

1st-3rd place for full competitive CL2, 1st & 2nd place for Pre Competitive CL1, Top Soloists 12 & under and 13 & over

Judges awards for

Costume, Concept, Choreography


Photo & Videos

Live Stream

Rules & Regulations

Feedback From Our Clients

"I can't express how impressed I am with Inspire Dance Challenge."

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"I am absolutely thrilled with Inspire Dance Challenge services provided by your company!"

Studio Name

Studio Owner

"Lead the dance with your fear."

Our core ethos is simple but powerful:

Our stage isn’t just a platform for a dance performance—it’s a platform for growth, for confidence, for transcending the limitations of fear. Welcome to Inspire Dance Challenge, the place where fear gridlocks with determination, creating an empowering dance of transformation.

  • This isn't about dispelling fear or ignoring it

    it's about taking hold of it, steering it to the rhythm of your aspirations, and transforming it into a formidable energy that propels you towards your goals. It's about reframing fear into a power surge that thrusts you forward on stage and in life.

  • What Drives Us

    At Inspire Dance Challenge, our mission stretches beyond dance routines and trophies. We strive to create memorable experiences that resonate with dancers throughout their lives, sparking confidence, courage, and unwavering belief in their abilities.

  • "Are you ready? Of course, you are!"

    Our rallying cry, "Are you ready? Of course, you are!" is more than just a slogan—it's affirming the potential within each participant. It conveys our unshakeable belief in you, reminding artists that readiness isn't a distant dream—it's your present reality.

Ready To Inspire?

We Can't Wait To See You On Stage

Lace up your dance shoes, step into the realm of resilience, embrace the rhythm of your beating heart, and join us on this empowering journey through dance. Lead your fear, embrace your power, and let Inspire Dance Challenge be the stage where you illuminate the world with your strength.

We ensure your kids leave feeling inspired!

Dance Competition Advantages

Dance competitions involve teaching priceless life lessons applicable to all ages. Dance is a unique mix of art and sport, promoting teamwork, teaching children to handle differences gracefully, displaying polite sportsmanship, providing networking opportunities, and beyond all, they offer fun and physical benefits. Crucially, dance also encourages life-long friendships and camaraderie. At Inspire Dance Challenge, we advocate a positive and enriching atmosphere for growth.


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Competition Rules

Rules & Regulations

  • Payment in full must be received no later than 30 DAYS PRIOR to all competition dates with your entries in the form of an e-transfer, studio cheque or money order.  No postdated cheques will be accepted.  A late charge of 10% for all late entries will apply.
  • Every competition will be on a first come first serve basis and will have a limited number of entries.  Inspire dance challenge reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries.
  • No limit of entries per studio.  However, a minimum of 5 groups and 20 entries in total must be registered in order to be included in the Studio Standings. ( Competitive Level 2 categories only).  The category of the top studio is based on the top 10 marks for a possible mark out of 1000. Competitive level 1 requirement for studio standing is based on the top 5 routines for a total mark out of a possible 500.
  • The competition could be 1 to 4 days.  Competitors must compete on scheduled days and times.
  • Competition rules are at our sole discretion and may be modified to create the best environment for a fair and equitable event.  We reserve the right to amend, change or modify rules to suit the event as we see fit.
  • Inspire will provide a competition between at least 3 participating studios at any given event.
  • The methods of delivering any event are at our sole discretion.
  • We guarantee a competition where entries are challenging each other to determine the best in order of their scoring based on unbiased judging using our scoring model and rules.  Judges are not influenced to pick one entry over another and are using their professional opinion to determine the best performance based on our criteria.
  • Dancers may not compete against themselves in any category or age division.  However, routines from the same studio may compete against each other. (Note: exactly the same group may not place in the same overall, and only up to ½ can be the same dancers at the sole discretion of the event organizers).  Soloists, duets, and trios cannot win more than one Overalls in the same category and age division.
  • You will receive confirmation of your entries from our office via email with a preliminary schedule.  All changes are to be made at this time and faxed or emailed to the Inspire office.  You will receive the final schedule 1 to 2 weeks prior to the event.  NO CHANGES ARE PERMITTED ONCE THE FINAL SCHEDULE IS SENT.  This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Any additional entries included after the final schedule is sent will not be placed in Overalls.
  • Competitors should be ready to perform 1 hour before their scheduled time in case the competition is running ahead of schedule.
  • Dancing out of order is not allowed, except for costume changes, which must be verified by the show director or backstage manager.  A minimum of 15 minutes (5 routines) will be scheduled for costume changes.  Routines asked to perform out of order may result in deductions.  Dancers or studios causing unwarranted delays to the set schedule may receive further deductions.
  • Inspire Dance Challenge Inc. reserves the right to move a competition location or to change, add/subtract days due to unforeseen circumstances.  If enough entries are not received by Inspire Dance Challenge, we reserve the right to cancel any competition.
  • Any prize money is awarded to the studio only. 


Individual dancers are not entitled to any cash prizes.


  • A studio representative must be present at the Overall award ceremony to receive placement ribbons and trophies.
  • scores are delivered electronically at the end of the event once closed by the Competition Director.  They will be available in Competition Wizard in your studio portal routines page in our section event.
  • at the end of the competition.  Inspire will not incur any shipping and/or mailing expenses.
  • A competitor making a second attempt at a routine may be judged, but not eligible for Overalls.  Novice classification is excluded from this rule, but only one 2nd attempt will be allowed for a novice routine.
  • Only teachers and studio-approved prop assistants can be backstage.  All others will be asked to leave.  Dancers are not allowed backstage unless your routine is within the next 3 to 4 numbers.  The event reserves the right to limit any number of people in the facility at any time.


Props are allowed at Inspire Dance Challenge and MUST be placed and removed within 2 minutes failure to do so may result in a deduction of marks.  Please ensure to fill out the prop section with details and time required during the entry process.



No dangerous props are to be used on stage, such as fire, dry ice, fireworks, explosives,  swords, or knives.  Props must be freestanding.  Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theatre fly bars or special lighting are NOT to be used. Helium balloons, special fog, and smoke are not permitted.  Larger props are to be handled by the studio.  Inspire is not responsible for any props.  If the stage is littered after your performance with feathers, confetti, paper, etc. you should be prepared to remove it immediately following the routine.  No form of liquid gel, aerosol, powder, or glitter may be used that would affect the dancing surface.

  • One wireless mic (without a stand) will be provided.  If other audio equipment is required, please advise Inspire in advance.


Photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited.  All of our media is delivered to participants free of charge and it is distracting, rude, and unwelcome to have iPhone screens showing to the audience behind you when their children may be on stage.

  • It is understood by entering the competition, competitors, parents, teachers, and directors give their permission to Inspire dance challenge to use their pictures and performances for advertising or promotional material (e.g. brochures, competition programs, website, social media, television, video, etc.)  Studio or independent registration, in any event, will grant Inspire Dance Challenge the right to use any image fee and royalty-free in perpetuity.  Your participation in the event requires this and the images and media captured at the event become our property.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICY:  Inspire dance challenge is dedicated to providing an environment that is “Family Friendly”.  We realize that dance is an art form and crosses a broad range of styles and tastes.  However, movements, music, and costuming must be age-appropriate and suitable for family viewing.  If a routine or costuming is deemed too suggestive or not age-appropriate, deductions will be taken.  The use of dance themes such as rape, suicide, domestic violence, murder, sex, anorexia, and dark undertones are chosen and/or presented to audiences with a lack of “artistic discretion” is considered inappropriate.  Again, we recognize this is extremely subjective and sensitive.  Therefore, Inspire Dance Challenge will individually address these performances as they surface at each particular event.
  • Inspire Dance Challenge Inc. makes every effort to align with reputable vendors (photographers, videographers, etc.) at various events.  Inspire is not responsible for any unfulfilled orders resulting in a financial loss for the customer that may be caused as a direct result of the business practice of any of its vendors.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding dance routines should be brought to the attention of the show director, by a teacher, or the studio director/owner ONLY
  • No refunds are issued once fees have been paid.  Gift certificates and/or credit will be issued for future Inspire Dance Challenge entries in case of illness (with a Doctor’s note).
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking in the competition area.
  • At Inspire Dance Challenge the decisions of the judges are final, the manner and method of the judging is solely within the discretion of Inspire Dance Challenge and its judging panel.
  • Inspire Dance Challenge reserves the right at any time to amend, add to or limit any rule at its sole discretion to maintain fair competition.


Upon entering Inspire Dance Challenge Inc, it is agreed that teachers, competitors, parents, and relatives will not hold Inspire Dance Challenge Inc. directors, employees, the host facility, and all involved in the competition responsible for any damages, loss, or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused, to either spectators or contestants.  Dancers compete at their own risk.


  • Teachers and studio directors are responsible to ensure that all tricks and movements performed by their dancers are technically appropriate to all dancers’ levels.  Inspire Dance Challenge Inc. and the host facility will not be held responsible for any injury that may be sustained during any dancers’ performances.
  • Music must be submitted by the music upload feature in Compwizard or Competition Wizard in MP3 format prior to the event or by digital media USB or iPod/iPad (if using iTunes, each entry must have its own playlist labeled the same as the entry.
  • Video submissions for virtual adjudication must be made 30 days prior to the event to ensure the fidelity of the media.  This is done in the Competition Wizard portal.
  • The Inspire Dance Challenge rules will be evaluated and enforced on an individual basis, based on what is deemed best for all parties involved.
  • Due to COVID-19 Duets and trios in the 2022 year only are accepted to fulfill the group qualifying for studio overall standing.


We as an event reserve the right to postpone, reschedule and move events based on unforeseen changes.

The event organizers reserve the right to modify rules, categories, qualifications, and any award structure should it be required to guarantee reasonable competition for the attendees at their sole discretion.

Inspire Dance Challenge recognizes the studio director submitting the entries for our events as the “customer” in all cases.  Any communications around the entry, scheduling, payment, credits, modifications, or withdrawals must occur through the studio director.

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Fees & Pricing

Studio Directors and owners may request a package by email: info@inspiredancechallenge

or by calling us Toll Free: 1.866.327.7136

Once we have confirmed that you are a studio owner or director we will forward our pricing and incentive package.  We respect your business and do not publish our financial incentives, awards or entry costs to the public.

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Competition Rules

Scoring System:
  • Participants will be judged using a point system.
  • Each score will be based on 100 points
  • (35% technical ability, 25% synchronization/execution, 20% choreography/routine, 20% presentation/performance


Ribbon   Score Range

Pure Inspiration 95 plus 

Ultimate Inspiration 92.00 to 94.99 

Platinum    90.00 to 91.99 

High Gold   87.00 to 89.99 

Gold         85.00 to 86.99 

High Silver   80.00 to 84.99 

Silver    76.00 to 79.99 


Competition Rules (Current version 2023/02/20) 


  • All participants will receive a ribbon for each routine registered.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall solo, duet/trio, small group, large group, extended line will receive a placement

ribbon and trophy in each classification: o Highest overall Novice categories in all age divisions. o Highest overall Competitive level 1 category in all age divisions o Highest overall Competitive level 2 categories in all age divisions (separate overalls for Acrobatics, Ballet, Musical Theatre, and Tap). o Highest overall production.  Productions will be judged together regardless of age division. (May be combined with Extended Line if not enough entries are received) 

Placements for Overalls

  • Competitive Level 2 Overall Awards for placements 1st to 3rd
  • Competitive Level 1 Overall Award for placements 1st to 3rd

* Overall placements may be combined due to the sizes of the categories and the competition. ** The competition reserves the right at all times to divisions and categories to create reasonable competition. ***Competitors cannot compete against themselves in categories. Solo, Duet/trio, and exact groupings of dancers eg. A Soloist may have two or more solos in an overall with three chances for placement, however, only the highest mark will place.  All entries marking will count towards overall studio top marks. 

Studio Standings & Awards

  • Top 3 studios presented with prizes and large awards for Studio Standings in Comp level 2
  • Top 2 studios presented with prizes and large awards for studio standing in comp level 1
  •  Judges’ Choice Awards will be presented for “Outstanding Costume”, “Choreography Excellence” and “Most Entertaining”
  • Personalized Special Awards and Teacher Choreography are given out at each awards ceremony.
 To qualify for studio standings a studio must register 20 routines for any one venue with at least 7 groups in competitions over 200 entries.  Inspire reserves the right to adjust based on the enrolment of numbers.  Routines classed as Novice, Student Choreography, Adult & Professional/Teacher are NOT included in the Studio Standings.  Inspire reserves the right to qualify or disqualify a studio at its own discretion.  All awards are based on a sellout of 550 entries or more.  Inspire Dance Challenge reserves the right to adjust cash prizes due to entries.  All interactions on questions of marking or placements during the event must be directed to the studio director registered.  Participants and parents are not permitted to interact with event staff on any matter relating to the competition.  Failure to comply may result in penalties or disqualifications.


Adjudication Video 

Each studio will receive a video adjudication with judges’ critiques.  Watch the dance and hear the judge’s comments at the same time.  Visit the  website for more details competitionwizard.ca 


A penalty of 1 mark may be deducted from each of the judges for the following. 1. Routines that exceed time limits. 2. Dancing out of schedule (please check the schedule thoroughly as program times are sent out prior to the competition date).  Any changes must be addressed and approved by Inspire n advance. 3. Tap sounds in music during tap routines. 4. Tumbling passes were not permitted. 5. Inappropriate elements (choreography, costuming, music, and/or dance themes that are deemed inappropriate for “general” audience viewing).  See our “Family Friendly Policy” in rules & regulations for more details. 


All competitors will be judged by a panel of qualified and competent adjudicators.  All participants, teachers, and parents agree that the time and method of judging will be solely within the discretion of the judging panel. Judges’ scorecards will be available at the end of the competition and will be only given to the studio director. 

Time Limits

Please ensure all routines are within accepted time limits.  All times include entrance and exits.  Must specify a time on all entries.  

Category  Maximum Time 

Solos, Duet/Trios     3 minutes

Groups     3.5 minutes

Extended Lines     4 minutes

Productions 10 minutes

Adult Groups      3 minutes 


lassifications: Student Choreography 

A dance choreographed by a student with no help from teachers or professionals of any kind. 


A dancer who is paid to perform and/or teach as a source of income.  Competitive dancers who are teaching assistants are still allowed to compete. 


A novice dancer is a performer that is new to the competition scene.  A novice soloist may have competed before but not in a solo of any dance style.  (Note:  If a dancer performed a tap solo last season & this year has a jazz solo, the dancer is not considered Novice).  A novice group or line must be a minimum of 75% novice.  Solo, duet & trio entries must be 100% novice.  The maximum age for novices is 16 years.  Separate overalls will be awarded for the novice categories. 

Competitive Level 1 

A competitive level 1 dancer is a performer whose training is 6 hours or less per week.  A competitive level one group or line must be a minimum of 75% competitive level one dancer. Solo, duet & trio entries must be 100% competitive level 1.  Separate overalls will be awarded for competitive level 1 categories. 

Competitive  Level 2 

A competitive dancer is a performer whose training is more than 6 hours per week.  A competitive group or line must be a minimum of 75% competitive.  Solo, duet & trio entries must be 100% competitive. 

Categories / Dance

Styles:   Ballet 

Routines have classical ballet techniques characterized by grace and precision of movement .  (As ballet is the core to all dance movements, separate Overalls will be awarded if enough entries are received, the category may combine both Level 1 and 2 depending on entries). Pointe dancers must wear Pointe shoes while executing ballet techniques.  (Will be grouped with ballet for Overalls).   Pointe entries under 11 years old will not be accepted.

  • Parts of Specialty Overalls may be grouped into regular overalls based on lack of competition and entries.  Eg 10 ballet soloists in Junior have a specialty overall, however, only one junior group is entered and that group competes in regular overalls.
  • All entries in the specialty for CL1 & CL2 divisions will be considered for the Overall highest award for the Specialty grouping regardless of whether there is a specialty overall for it to compete in.



Technique using percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  (A separate Overalls will be awarded, if enough entries are received, the category may combine both Level 1 and 2 depending on entries)

  • Parts of Specialty Overalls may be grouped into regular overalls based on lack of competition and entries.  Eg 10 Tap soloists in Junior have a specialty overall, however, only one junior group is entered and that group competes in regular overalls.
  • All entries in the specialty for CL1 & CL2 divisions will be considered for the Overall highest award for the Specialty grouping regardless of whether there is a specialty overall for it to compete in.


Acrobatic Dance 

Routine using controlled acrobatic moves such as aerials, walkovers, hand and elbow stands, etc.  The routine must include other dance elements & steps.  (Separate Overalls will be awarded in this category if enough entries are received, the category may combine both Levels 1 and 2 depending on entries).

  • Parts of Specialty Overalls may be grouped into regular overalls based on lack of competition and entries.  Eg 10 Acro soloists in Junior have a specialty overall, however, only one junior group is entered and that group competes in regular overalls.
  • All entries in the specialty for CL1 & CL2 divisions will be considered for the Overall highest award for the Specialty grouping regardless of whether there is a specialty overall for it to compete in.



Routines can contain any dance combination, which does not fit into any other categories.  A maximum of 5 acrobatic tricks are allowed.  (Will be grouped with jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary & hip-hop for Overalls). 


Routines must contain standard jazz technique and performance (extensions, elevations, turns, etc.)  No tumbling passes allowed *.  (Will be grouped with open, lyrical, modern, contemporary & hip-hop for Overalls). 


Routines must have control and technique while expressing and interpreting the music while telling a story.  No tumbling passes are allowed *.  (Will be grouped with open, jazz, modern, contemporary & hip-hop for Overalls). 


Routine may have one or more styles of modern technique using specific body movements with the use of contraction and release and abstract style.  (Will be grouped with open, jazz, lyrical, contemporary & hip-hop for Overalls). 


Routine with fluid and unlimited personal style, not associated with any specific dance techniques.  Dancer(s) must show strong emotional commitment.  May involve balance, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation with emphasis on the connection between mind and body.  (Will be grouped with open, jazz, lyrical, modern, & hip-hop for Overalls). 


Routines to hip-hop music using dance techniques like music video style, street dancing, and break dancing.  (Spinning on performers’ heads is not permitted).  Dances should be age appropriate. (Will be grouped with open, jazz, lyrical, modern, & contemporary for Overalls). 

Musical Theatre 

A routine portraying a character(s) while telling a story.  Lip-synching is allowed.  Other styles of dance are acceptable to include.  (A separate Overalls will be awarded if enough entries are received, the category may combine both Level 1 and 2 depending on entries).

  • Parts of Specialty Overalls may be grouped into regular overalls based on lack of competition and entries.  Eg 10 Musical Theatre soloists in Junior have a specialty overall, however, only one junior group is entered and that group competes in regular overalls.
  • All entries in the specialty for CL1 & CL2 divisions will be considered for the Overall highest award for the Specialty grouping regardless of whether there is a specialty overall for it to compete in.


Song & Dance 

Performers must sing their own vocals while incorporating dance.  No lip-synching or lyrics in the music.  (Can be grouped with Musical theatre in overalls). 


Performers must sing their own vocals.  No lip-synching or lyrics in the music.  (Can be grouped with Musical theatre in overalls). 


Routines with 17 + dancers that tells a story through music and has a theme.  Any style of dance is acceptable.  (Separate overalls will be awarded). 


Any gymnastic style moves with the performer’s feet above their head.  Partner lifts are exempt from this definition unless the partner is thrown to perform a trick.

  1. * Rule amendment March 1st, 2018 Acrobatic Trick Exemption for Jazz and Lyrical Categories has been updated to better reflect the current competitive dance world.  This exemption now will state that “Tumbling Passes” will be disallowed from these two categories, which are defined as two or more head-over-heels tricks in immediate succession.  ie: Tucks, handsprings, aerials etc.  Where the completion of these tricks requires the entire body to be upside-down and without contact with the stage.


Age Divisions:

Age is entered as of Dec.31, 2012. When calculating the average age for groups, add all ages, divide by the number of performers, and drop the decimal point.  All categories will compete in their own age divisions unless age divisions are grouped due to lack of sufficient entries to create categories.  

Age Division 6 & Under Cutie 7,8,9  Small Fry 10,11,12 Junior 13,14,15 Intermediate 16,17,18,19 Senior 20 & over Young Adult 

Group Categories: All routines will compete by category and dance style.  Overalls will be awarded per classification, dance style, category & age division.  

Category Participants Solo  1 Dancer Duet  2 Dancers Trio  3 Dancers Small Group 4 to 9 Dancers Large Group 10 to 16 Dancers Extended Line 17+ Dancers Production  17+ Dancers

Cash Awards

All cash awards are distributed at the discretion of the competition and when awarded, for Studio Standing, Overalls, Individual performance, choreography or special award; they are distributed in the name of the studio under which the registration has been entered to be used at their sole discretion.


To Qualify for Overalls in both Competitive 1 and Competitive 2 Levels, a studio must register at least 5 group numbers per competition.