About us

Inspire launched in 2010 with the goal of  
creating memorable moments 

for performers

Teaching a student dance is a wonderful thing! It Inspires benefits far greater than the steps themselves. The performance when on stage allows for a powerful metaphor to be realized. 

Facing fear and dancing with it allows dancers to grow outside of themselves to face greater challenges in life.  These are the future leaders, the 1%  Every performance is therefore a celebration and worthy of our full time and attention.

Are all competitions the same? 
…Not really 🙂

If you haven’t been to Inspire before, you’re in for a great time! We highlight not just the top scoring performers, but also the creative, the artist, the empathic and the engaging! 
Our events look for opportunities to see dancers shining and celebrating it with them! 
Here is a bit of what you can expect:

Exceptional Judges

Our panels are well balanced to always have experts that have experienced creating the work, educating the dancers, practicing the routines and staging the final product. Our judges have a mosaic of skills balancing studio training and teaching, professional work and proven expertise. We do not focus on celebrities’, our people know what they are talking about. Oh, and they like children and speak with kindness…”kinda’ key to keeping kids dancing…” 

Mindblowing special awards

Our special awards are actually amazing and highly coveted. Dancers receive an 8.5×11′ framed photo award – (an action shot taken from that performance with the award superimposed over it) It is presented on stage in the session it is awarded…we highlight the dancers on our massive videowall stage back. They will feel like they are receiving an Academy Award. 8 per session  

“It’s a groovy thing we do…”

Specialty Overalls

Our events always have separate overalls for the key specialty dance styles of:

Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Ballet

Our panel always has a balance of expertise including tap, acro and ballet specifically and most judges have also worked in theatre), but

“as a piece of mind on an event with hundreds of entries, its nice to know – we’ve got your back!”

Top studio awards in both divisions

We adjudicate

1st thru 3rd place for full competitive CL2

1st & 2nd place for Pre Competitive CL1

Top Soloists 12 and under and 13 and over

Judges awards for 




The secret of success

Four secrets to Winning at Competition – “the formula”

Create the facility

Work out, get in peak physical condition! Don’t slack, play hard! Don’t “mark the numbers.”

You need strength & stamina to dance full out!

Visualize perfect execution

Pro athletes and Olympians do this.  It is effective in locking in the routine and creating a familiarity with the performance before it is danced.

Set Muscle memory

Practice and repetition of full out danced routines “done right,”  will allow you to concentrate on the subtle things that make the winning difference when you perform…its the mark of mastery!

Overcome your own limiting beliefs

If you have done the work, often the thing that holds people back is themselves.   At the end of the day the competition is really with your own last best performance.  You’ve got this, now Inspire us!

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