A Message from the director

Stage performance 
changes kids lives.

Every time a performer learns to  
dance with their fears, 
we are all  

What a privilege it is to be part of this amazing world of dance an performance! Kids astound me not so much because of the quality of the dance, but by the bravery they display when they “leave it all out there.”

Inspire was launched in 2010 as a project to allow any child to find success through the process of public performance, We look to create opportunities for all performers to feel successful. 

Of course there are winners and scores, and all of that is important as excellence should be rewarded, this is a competition, but we also recognize that every effort is an act of bravery. Every performance represents just a moment in time where we have factors within our control and factors not within our control. A performer cannot influence who they will encounter as their competition, how hard that person has worked and perhaps has had a better execution. 

A performer should remember the real competition is against themselves, do Your best, and that is what matters. Inspire us with your work, your artistry and your attitude. Be grateful for the opportunity of being here. You are amongst the 1% of society that will likely go on to do great things beyond the stage because in part of your experiences on the stage.  Enjoy your weekend dancers!

Since 2004, James Tedesco has produced or directed multiple projects in the media, child development, talent, dance, and entertainment industries. He has acted as Executive Director of several successful companies including The Grace Organization, Inspire Dance Challenge, CANi Workshops & Conventions, CAM Media, Competition Wizard, Inspire Dance Magazine and InspireConfidence Org.

He is the father of three successful children all who are working professionally in the dance and entertainment industry.