A word from our Director

I have had the privilege of judging thousands of dance routines over the past eight years for some of the largest and most established competitions in Canada.  As a studio owner, competitive dance mom of 3 and adjudicator for over 40 dance competitions; I have a unique perspective on all sides of this industry.  Many of your students and teachers in competitive dance will know me as “the Bouncy Judge” from such competitions as Orillia Opera House or Kick it Up.  It is an honor and thrill to present my concept to you and for you to share in my enthusiasm for your students success through their expression of dance!

A bit about Inspire,

I want to take a moment to thank John Raymond from Kick It Up Dance Competitions for providing some mentor ship in the development of this concept.  Although we technically will be competitors, his guidance in helping me develop this has been most generous.  I have spent the better part of two years speaking to colleagues looking for what will be the best combination  of unique propositions to make Inspire the best dance challenge in Canada.  Here is what I promise:


  • The first and foremost is to make it about the Kids and FUN
  • The second is Quality Balanced Judging.  We will hire adjudicators that have a balance of knowledge understanding what it takes to teach a 9 year old  how to pirouette as well as what is happening in the professional dance world.  We will have a panel with  qualifications to adjudicate all of the major disciplines, not just Ballet and Hip Hop.
  • The Third, Inspire will respect the art, while protecting the studio directors business in a balance approach to competition.

I am so excited to present this new competition to you, and I look forward to seeing you this year at one of our events!


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